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The Best Briefs

Catchy title...

Let's try and analyse what constitutes a good interior design brief, as the time spent doing so will be amply rewarded. This much we know.

Defining the practical requirements of your project is clearly a good place to start. Asking fundamental questions about what you want to change, how your space needs to function, how much you want to spend - will start to form the scope of work. And the questioning itself is a useful habit to form, unearthing as it often does problems - sorry, challenges, that need consideration. The clearer you can be, the better. No surprises there!

Once you've tackled all the basic parameters - like how many dining chairs you actually need and where the dog's going to sleep - you still have to work out who best to trust with your project and share your vision.

"There's many a slip twixt cup and lip..."

The brief is the road map. It should signpost your destination clearly. But a successful journey needs more than directions alone… who you travel with is equally important. And it’s clearly less easy to predict the contribution that these intangibles – like personality – will make to the success of your project.

So it makes sense to look carefully at the evidence of customers. And read reviews. This is the most reliable predictor of the service you can expect to receive. Someone who is proven to listen, adapt and respond will lighten your load immeasurably and, in turn, render the process more enjoyable!

At Cid Carr Interior Design we promise to help you establish the best brief. And as proud Winners of three Houzz Best of Service awards, you can be confident we will keep collaborating together – until your expectations are surpassed.


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